I am one of those people that reads the credits in the movie, and children permitting I will stay to the very end. I have had the privilege to work with some amazing people. This is the space I wanted to tell the world about it.

First up is Steph from Charlie and Co who made this website beautiful.

If you get the chance to work with Steph and her team at Charlie and co take it. You will not regret it. She is incredibly creative. Talking design is not my thing, it reduces me to stunned silence usually. Especially when talking about my fourth child (aka my business). However Steph was able to take all my ‘um’s’ and ‘ah’s’ or ‘yeah that sort of thing’ or ‘ yes I like the sea’ and ‘I like blue’ and my personal favorite ‘you know what I mean’ and create a stellar product. Steph does not constantly try and sell to you. Eloquently she provides guidance and information. My company is based in Australia, this was not a problem for Steph and her team. I found that Steph was reliable and diligent. Lucky you that you have found her and the team at Charlie and co.Logo and branding:

Website: www.charlieandco.co.nz