Brad Stricker

I have loved having Jessica as my life coach! She has a sixth sense ability to ask the right questions at the right times, diving below my usual kiwi she’ll be right attitude, to draw out of me MY underlying truth and beliefs. This paired with the variety of tools and techniques Jessica utilises has empowered me to further uncover MY true self and move forward with MY desires…..sooooo liberating for me!! After each catch up Jessica sends through notes containing key thought provoking and concise takeaways for me to reflect on, action items and any recommendations of resources she thinks would be useful for my own self learning. If you want to take the next step to living your best life then get in touch with Jessica!

Marita, Mother of 2

My experience with Jessica was a true eye-opening, life-defining moment. For so long I’d been treading water without even realising it. An opportunity arose to “reinvent” myself, but into what? With Jessica’s gift of true understanding and intuition, I found myself sitting with Jessica for an effortless period of time and enjoying a conversation of true self-discovery. She has an innate ability to focus on the important things that drive people to where they are and where they want to be. She also has the ability to bridge the gap and help a person start moving in the right direction to achieve those positive outcomes. Sincerest gratitude as you have literally changed my life for the better.”

Teresa McDowell

Through Jessica’s nurturing enquiry she creates a safe space from which to explore life’s challenges or confront any fears and blockages that may be holding you back.  I would highly recommend anyone seeking support with navigating their personal journey’s to engage with Jessica and discover what she has to offer.”

Coralie Hurley

Jessica has this incredible ability to see and hear the defining blocks in your life, turning them upside down and leaving you with fresh, empowering, energized views. Amazing!!

Alan Torrie

Working with Jessica has been great she is direct yet caring, holds space for me to talk and through clever practise leads me to my own realisations.
She has shown me that I always have the answers deep down but sometimes need that gentle but objective push to find them.
Whilst expressing can be confronting I always felt comfortable to do so with Jessica.

Rachael Gilligan – Life Coach

I am a Life Coach. I need Jessica in my life because she keeps me on track. I have years of practice at this: self-knowledge, tips and tricks, so many good strategies for enjoying a better life. But like anyone, I have bad days too. And when I do, Jessica always finds an angle I hadn’t considered. She is insightful, respectful, considered and wise. She is also dead easy to talk to and she makes you want to open up and share. I trust her completely.